Friday, October 28, 2011

EX: Tune-in

Tune-in - Talk by Tune Studios
Time: 3.00 pm-5.00pm
Date: 13th Oct 2011, Thursday

Music and Architecture has always been related to one another. One of those relations is architectural acoustics, the science of noise control within buildings, which includes room acoustics, recording and broadcast studios, as well as home theaters. Although the design consideration is still relatively new in Malaysia, it has been widely practiced in overseas.

The talk will feature Roslan Aziz, a special guest from Tune Studios as the speaker.

EX: Can I Have a Wood with You ?

'Can I Have a Wood with You ?' - Timber Construction Talk
Time: 9.00 pm-3.00pm
Date: 9th Oct 2011, Sunday

Through massive technology breakthroughs and advancements, architecture is introduced with a variety of new typologies of construction material. Timber, in the perspective of modern architects, is becoming an uneconomical and overrated construction material. Most architects only use such materials to achieve traditional facades or achieve the concepts of 'harmony with nature'.

The objective of this talk is to enlighten architecture students the application of timber not only as a construction material, but also as a design generator for modern architecture. The invited speaker is Prof Zakiah, a lecturer from UiTM Civil Engineering Faculty (FKA).

EX: Let's Speak Picturesque!

"Let's Speak Picturesque!" - Photography Talk
Time: 3.00 pm-5.00pm
Date: 6th Oct 2011, Thursday

American architect Julia Morgan once said, “Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.“ Architecture serves as a voice to express the artistic stance of the architect at that time. Photography takes a step further to interpret architecture in several ways.

Held a day before the Archifest Expression opening night Exclusiv, the talk will be devised by Dr. Adzrool Idzwan, a lecturer specially invited from UiTM Faculty of Art and Design (FSSR).

Friday, October 14, 2011

Archiday Teaser

Archiday Extasy is coming to town!

Get high!! Get extatic!! Come and join Archiday Extasy at 15th of October 2011 from 9.30am till 5pm FSPU, UiTM Shah Alam.

So basically, this is what'll be happening during the day. Art Mart, where the booths of arts and crafts will be opened; REMAJA magazine model casting and also Archiday "Extasy", where various games await you!

Performance night "Glow Nite" at night, in which all studios will showcase their talents and compete for the Best Performance at the FSPU Amphiteater.

At the same time, busking performances is held all day. It's a competition where the buskers who managed to collect the highest amount of money will win prizes, while the money will be donated to Mercy-Expression fund.

Also, don't forget to check out our exhibition at FSPU Gallery! It houses the submitted artworks from each studios for a number of competitions. Click here for further info.

There's going to be lots of games to play during Archiday "Extasy" and booths to visit! See you there~!

p/s: 100 early birds will get a free breakfast! =)

EX: Clash of the Icons

The "Clash of the Icons" (BOTB) Archifest Expression 2011 was held on 8th October 2011, at FSPU Amphitheater where the crowd had witnessed the bands made of UiTM architecture students showcased their musical and performing talents. Befitting its name, "Clash of the Icons" required each studio to prepare an icon (i.e: singer, band) and perform songs based on their selected icons.

The bands were pitted against each other to be crowned as Most Iconic Band as well as a chance to have song recorded and produced by Archifest Expression main sponsor, Tune Studios. There were also other awards such as Best Bassist, Guitarist and Keyboardist, to recognize the raw talents among the students.

The crowd started to gather around the amphitheater at 8pm. Without further a due, the event started with an astonishing opening performance from the organizers.

The bands were listed according to their order of performance:

BSC 01
Band: Whitelotus

BSC 02 Euphranics Studio
Band: Extrovert
Icon: Extrovert

BSC 03 Notorious Studio
Band: The Tarts
Icon: Bon Jovi

BSC 04 Crubix Studio
Icon: Michael Learns To Rock

BSC 05 Kreinova Studio
Band: Gaura

*BSC 06 could not participate because of their studio trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

Intermission: performance from guest band

BSC 08 VADS Studio
Band: VADS
Icon: Santana

The crowd in amphitheater

Unfortunately, rain started to pour during one of the performances. The organizers had to put the event on hold for a moment to disperse the crowd and readjust the setting of the stage in amphitheater. In a nick of time, all of the instruments involved were removed from the open air stage before it was raining quite heavily. The event resumed after a while with the stage setting relocated to the foyer.

B. Arch 02 Ambeng

B.Arch 04

performance from guest band

take a look at the jury

The event concluded with a happy note, with the last guest band, TheFuture successfully entertained the crowd and wowed the juries, which is a relief from the earlier misfortune. Before announcing the end, the MC jokingly prepared to announce the winner, but then preferred to keep the crowd on their toes in anticipation for the winning band.

The full list of winners "Clash of the Icons" would only be announced on the closing aka performance night, "Glow Nite".

Short Movies Teaser

Each semester, Archifest Short Movie Competition highlights the fresh talents of movie making by the UiTM Shah Alam Architecture students. This semester however, they were required to produce an at least 30-second teaser and 2-minute trailer along with the full movie to encourage them experimenting.

Here's the submitted teasers from each studios!

BSC 01 - Heirarchy

BSC 02 - Euphranics

BSC 03 - Notorious

BSC 04 - Crubix

BSC 05 - Kreinova


BArch 02 - ADS

BArch 03 - Barongan

Witness the full movies battled it out to earn the title of Best Movie and The Haji Kamran Trophy at the "Golden Ticket" Movie Night!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EX: Competition

Each semester's Archifest, several competitions would be held between the participating studios. One of the objectives is to enhance the teamwork spirit between studio members, which shall be cultivated throughout the process of generating ideas for the competition.

Apart from that, the competitions are held to uncover the hidden talents in other branches of architecture, such as fine arts and photography. The students would also be able to practice their design skills by applying the architectural vocabularies into design of the artworks.

Glass Artwork

The competition is aimed to encourage the students the creative use and manipulation of materials as a means of self-expression. It also introduces a new media, glass that is rarely used for the purpose of creating a unique 3d glass artwork.

Each participant will receive a glass item and is required to design the artwork onto the transparent glass surface with a 3d/emboss injection to the artwork. Any types of materials or paints can be used for its finishes.

The most creative artwork will be judged based on the continuity of concepts on both glass and its reflected surfaces.

Modular Sculpture

Sculpture is a way of expression of art in 3-dimensional approach. By using a modular object as starting point of art development, the installation should be able to express the desired concept on its own.

Each studio will be given a compulsory main material by the organizer. The submitted installation are encouraged to be made of recyclable materials and further enhanced by using different types of colors and textures.

The judging will be based on the creavity of the students by exploiting a modular base and the ability to transform the materials given in order to create overall versatility and hierarchy.

Mega Mood Box

Mega Mood Box is an unlimited expression of art in order break through the experiences of feelings and ideas. It is an abstract creation of art, which creates freedom for participants to reveal the 'unexplained emotions'.

Participants are to create a massive structure that can also be interpreted as large installation that can be iconic to the faculty. As a continuation from the installation and sculpture competition, the main idea of the mega mood box is a total freedom of expression with no limitations on the size, shape, materials, colors etc.

Mood Competition

This competition would require students to create installation based on the mood given to express it in their own way. They are given freedom in terms of material usage, however they will have to create the installation in the limited spaces allocated to every studio inside Gallery.

Each installation is to be incorporated with lighting to enhance the student's artwork. Since it is a studio competition, cooperation between studio members are required. The assigned mood for each studios are as follows:

BSc 01- Ecstatic
BSc 02- Embarrassment
BSc 03- Empathic
BSc 04- Envious
BSc 05- Euphoria
BSc 06- Enraged
BSc 08- Enthralled
B.Arch- Exanimate


Based on human physical structure, the competition involves the adaptation of the latest technology of photo editing or manipulation to create exaggeration in expressing emotion when normal portrait could not express.

Each studio is to send two participants and each participation is to submit 3 photos in 8R format. The photos must contain the same subject, and must be able to express the mood or theme the photographer wants to express.

The originality and the density of manipulation, before and after the process of editing is done, is the main criteria of the judgment for this competition.


All the submitted artworks produced from above competitions will be displayed in FSPU Gallery for judging and exhibit purposes. The winners for each competition would be announced during the Closing Night of Archifest Expression, The "Glow Nite".

On a side note, there will also be a grand display at the gallery especially designed by the organizers according to the theme, "Light and Continuity"and the overall idea of this semester's Archifest, Expression. The exhibition at FSPU Gallery will open for public from 13th to 15th October 2011.